Solo or Not?

Solo or NotOne of the perks of having traveling buddies is the ease of which you can take off to seemingly limitless places in the world. Solo travel is great too, and you discover a lot of things about yourself when you do that, but there are other levels of concern I have to consider when I go it alone.

Adventuring with friends gives you safety in numbers, for one. Sharing the costs of nights in hotels or motels or hostels (or rental SUV’s… ha!) is less painful on the wallet. Taking driving shifts when road tripping is another. Having someone trustworthy watch your stuff when you hit the restroom… huge! The experience of sharing amazing things and unveiling new, exciting wonders with others add more levels of fun to the trip. And let’s not forget the inside jokes and stories that last a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong. I love adventuring on my own. There’s a certain kind of freedom in moving when a random thought or urge to do something or go somewhere strikes. Every destination is different.

I hope that everyone gets many opportunities to explore this wonderful planet of ours. It’s not always easy, and oftentimes, it’s a balancing act of schedule, budget, responsibilities, and energy. But if you can make it happen, well, happy traveling!

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