Secret worlds of magic and adventure. Ancient monsters and celestial beasts. Warrior families with tremendous heart.

That’s what runs through my head at night. Welcome to my website!

I’m Li-why-why. It’s like asking a question twice.

Chemist by day, writer by night and anywhere in between. I’m a geek girl and book dragon. I love music (sucker for concerts, karaoke, and Zumba), traveling, and discovering people’s stories. Laughing and good humor are essential to my day. I can watch Supernatural on repeat forever, and I get into phases. For instance, Sherlock Holmes stories, really any mystery, is a recurring phase (though I have yet to write a mystery novel). I write because it’s the perfect balance to my science career, and it keeps me sane.

Tragic Speech Delay is taken from a poem I wrote a LONG TIME AGO. Maybe I’ll elaborate on that one day.

I’m a proud member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers where my fellow writers are warm, knowledgeable, friendly, supportive, hilarious, and a feel good group overall.

And for extra info about me and books elsewhere:
Facebook: Liwayway Piano, Writer
Twitter: Jabberwowie
Instagram: Jabberwowie
Goodreads: Author Page
Goodreads: The Closest Star

If you want to contact me, I’d be very happy to talk books and fun with you!
Email me: liwayway.piano(at)outlook(dotcom) –> WARNING: When it comes to books, I’ll talk your ear off.

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