Sienna’s Diary #1

December 24, ___

My name is Sienna Haze. I’m 19-years-old (I think), and I’m starting this journal because I don’t want to forget why I’m here. My mom is dead, and my brother – Lokus – tried to kill everyone I love over a year ago.
Oyster Bay was my home, the only one I can remember, and in order to save it, I had to follow him to the Lyceum, a place only a small fraction of the world knows about.
One of my best friends is in a deep sleep, and the other will risk everything to protect me. He scares me when he’s around.
Because everyone I get close to gets hurt or gets dead.

I won’t stop until I make things right. I have powers… terrible ones. I can’t control them completely yet, but they’ll be my means to save everyone.
When I learn how, those people – those hunters who came after us… I’ll make them pay.
Until then I’ll be a good little soldier. An assassin. A spy. Whatever they ask of me until the time is right.
And I can go home for good.

~ Sienna Haze

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