The Closest Star

stella-caduta-from-cover My mom erased all my memories of what I once was, all knowledge of the dangerous powers I possess. But she couldn’t stop the hunters from coming for me…

Sienna Haze cannot remember anything about her life before Oyster Bay, a protected paradise far from ordinary. She is loved and cared for by foster parents she knows nothing about. An eight-year-old prodigy with visions teaches her about the world but not enough about the life she left behind. A shadow warrior guards and watches over her but has secrets of his own.

Oyster Bay cannot stay protected forever. Trained creatures come after her with two different purposes: capture or kill.

When Sienna’s own terrifying powers resurface, she must learn to accept and yield them before they consume her. She must fight back the bounty hunters in ways that are humanly impossible before she loses everything and everyone she loves again.

The Closest Star is a tale of adventure, love, mystery, being human, and what it takes to become anything. You can find it on Amazon here!

This book is one of a series of adventures for my shape-shifter. Stay tuned as her story unfolds!

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