The Darkest Night

THE DARKEST NIGHT BOOK COVER - LPIANO It’s been over a year since Sienna Haze left her home of Oyster Bay to join the Lyceum, a school of assassins and mind readers. At first it was the only way to protect her family, but after months of training, she’s become something more.

Sienna is stronger and more adept at using her limited powers. Lyceum missions are now alluring sources of purpose. She forges new friendships with other warriors that once might have tried to kill her. But strength, power, allies, and knowledge come at a price, and without her conduit that allows her full access to her shape-shifting abilities, Sienna might not be able to pay it.

When a certain young Wood Witch and a Shadow warrior show up at the Lyceum, it’s all Sienna can do to keep the peace between old friends and new ones as well as control her own destructive desires. With the growing tensions in the school, as well as the Lyceum Elders’ desperate motives to use her for their own purposes, Sienna will need all the help she can get.

Sienna’s Diary Entry #1.

Sienna’s Diary Entry #2.

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