Hi! How are you? It's strange to be posting here after so long, but it's comforting to know that this space exists when I want to use it. The last few years have been a whirlwind, an emotional rollercoaster, a constant switch between a crystal-clear lens and a blurry one. Life, am I right? I … Continue reading Transformation

Back in the Blogging Sphere?

Who knows? I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their New Year. (Yes, I know it's the end of February.) I'm still trying to figure out what I truly want to do with my website. Lately it's been more talking about World Travels (just posted a long overdue piece on my trip to … Continue reading Back in the Blogging Sphere?

Disney World: On Being a Kid Over and Over Again

It’s been a good handful of years since I’ve visited Disney World. My family and I used to go every summer when my brother and I were kids, and we’d done a big family/friends party trip a few years ago. Times (and line organization) has changed a lot since that last time. I was fortunate … Continue reading Disney World: On Being a Kid Over and Over Again

Off Beat, Off Kilter

 I started thinking about this post on my way to work the other morning. In my head, the title was much longer. Something like... "Off Beat, Off Kilter - Chaotic Rhythm and the Ups and Downs of a 24-Hour Day". So bear with me on the chaotic rhythm of this post. My morning commute takes … Continue reading Off Beat, Off Kilter

Rainy Days, Writing Workshops, Fairytales, Fashion, and Book Things

I’m a big fan of rainy days, especially on weekends when I’ve got nothing planned. Today’s “nothing planned” consisted of attending the LSFW monthly meeting – a rare treat – consuming a nice soupy lunch in front of an episode of Supernatural, and sitting down to write stuff. Afterwards, I’ll continue to read “Me Before … Continue reading Rainy Days, Writing Workshops, Fairytales, Fashion, and Book Things

Editor and Agent Pitch Sessions

Last year’s writing competition at the Create Something Magical Conference was a wild ride, not to mention a growth opportunity for me and my nervous self, and this year’s pitch sessions were no different. I haven’t pitched any of my books in several years, and I didn’t go in feeling awesome, especially since those few … Continue reading Editor and Agent Pitch Sessions

Checking In

It’s been quite some time since my last post… as usual. I will try my best to bring this odd, story blog/adventure journal/hodge podge of words up to speed. My last entry highlighted an amazing writing conference that took place almost a year ago. The Create Something Magical 2016 conference is two weeks from now, … Continue reading Checking In

Spring!… SPRING!?!?

When I first set up this site, I didn't realize I'd actually live up to the name. Tragic Speech Delay, indeed! Almost 2 months since my announcement for THE DARKEST NIGHT have passed. 16 chapters later and a vast mind blur of events have come and gone like a driver in the Furious 7... exciting … Continue reading Spring!… SPRING!?!?

New Year, New Look!

Brace yourselves. This post is gonna be big. This is pretty much going to be an explosion of my brain's thoughts - reflections of the past year and anticipation of things to come in 2015! Oh yes, I'm back and rambling more than ever. (Hopefully, not too much. I still have to make dinner.) Last … Continue reading New Year, New Look!

Happy 1 Year, Sienna Haze!

Well, guys... here we are. It's been exactly 365 days (give or take some minutes and seconds) since the launch of my very first novel. The past year has been zany. Life has been zany. Sometimes putting a book out there didn't seem huge in the grand whirlwind of events and people that made up … Continue reading Happy 1 Year, Sienna Haze!