Hi! How are you?

It’s strange to be posting here after so long, but it’s comforting to know that this space exists when I want to use it. The last few years have been a whirlwind, an emotional rollercoaster, a constant switch between a crystal-clear lens and a blurry one. Life, am I right?

I wanted to drop in to say hi and to wish everyone health and happiness. I hope you get to experience more moments of joy than sadness, more elation than anxiety, more clarity than heavy blur. I hope you have marvelous things to look forward to. I hope you get to rest. I hope you are able to see more good than bad in the world. These have been my thoughts as I go through my own transformation.

Reinventing stories and writing, exploring art, enjoying the fruits of an amazing workout, welcoming new music, being with family and friends, learning new languages, slowly gaining new perspectives of what needs to be done and what is most important… these are only the beginning.

For now here are a couple glimpses of my baby dragon, Crom, from “Dragon Heart”. He’s part of an unintentional series of paintings I affectionately call “Soul Universe”, and the process has been giving me life.

I used the characters from my books to experiment with graffiti visuals.
Then, I hid them in fog and let more story peek through.