Checking In

It’s been quite some time since my last post… as usual. I will try my best to bring this odd, story blog/adventure journal/hodge podge of words up to speed. My last entry highlighted an amazing writing conference that took place almost a year ago. The Create Something Magical 2016 conference is two weeks from now, so I’m in prep mode. I’m not sure how that experience will be topped this year, but I’m pretty excited about attending in general. It’s hosted by the Liberty States Fiction Writers and takes place in Woodbridge, NJ. The people who sponsor and dedicate their efforts to this event are remarkable, encouraging, and downright happy to be there. Admittedly, I had been searching for a group like this, not only to fill my creative writing well but also to keep me on my toes. This year I’m going to pitch my latest book to an agent and an editor… that is, as long as I make the list. Depending on how chagrin-making that experience goes, I’ll write about it… a little after two weeks from now.

In the meantime here’s a hint of my next few posts chronicling a recent bucket-list trip I’m still recovering from… (World Adventures)


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