Happy 1 Year, Sienna Haze!

Kindle Final CoverWell, guys… here we are. It’s been exactly 365 days (give or take some minutes and seconds) since the launch of my very first novel. The past year has been zany. Life has been zany. Sometimes putting a book out there didn’t seem huge in the grand whirlwind of events and people that made up those days. Other times it was quite unbelievable. I’ve written dozens of other stories, but I think this novel will always be my first step. Not because it’s published. Mainly because it’s my first experience sharing something I made with the world. … It’s nerve-racking. Here’s a piece-of-my-soul-please-don’t-step-too-hard-on-it-nerve-racking. It’s a tremendously wonderful feeling, and it gives me higher levels to strive towards.

And it won’t end here, I promise you.

Now, I’ve a taste of the swing of things. Now, I want to see what else I can do. Now, it’s a different excitement. What am I up to, you ask? Well, aside from the edits of the completed 2nd novel, I’m working on getting some novellas out there. These are the tidbits of characters found in the main books, a chance to tell their tales. Dr. Felix, Talin, Cleo, Ovid… also, glimpses of what Sienna’s life was like before she lost her memory. And, of course, writing the 3rd (and most likely last) installment of the series. And by the way I’ve also started a completely different, brand new novel. Exciting, I tell you!!!

Anyhoo, to celebrate the anniversary of The Closest Star, the e-book version is now $2.99 on Amazon… that is, if you feel like it. 🙂 IMG_1086

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